Kate’s Fairy Tales


Bajkowieści is the title of a cycle of texts best described by the words – fairy tales, stories – all of these are appropriate! 

Bajkowieści constitutes a series of contemporary fairy tales whose form is based on the traditional tales for children. They educate children in simple principles of distinguishing good from evil, develop imagination and sensitivity. The texts, which concentrate on friendship, love and trust, are totally devoid of violence. They are written in simple, communicative language. Artistic, subtle illustrations are aimed at developing imagination, leaving much room for the readers to create their own image of the fairy world.

These books are recommended for four year olds and slightly older children. Ebooks are particularly suitable for parents who like to read aloud for their children. 

These books can be read by children who have adequate reading skills and by adults who simply like fairy tales.

The English name for the cycle Bajkowieści is Kate’s Fairy Tales. Ebooks are available at Amazon.com and Apple Store outlets.

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